Features of Narwhal 2

30 KM control range, supported by newly released video transmitter and AIO ground control station.

5 Flight modes, route planning, one-key to take-off/land, loiter, target guided and manual.

IP45, industry level of rain/dust/fireproof.

2.4/5.8GHz dual fallback channel, wireless video transmission with data sending and receiving modules.

8 PWM channels output, supported by the B1 flight control system.

Integrated single piece data and video transmitter, 32 full channels’ real-time video streaming on PC, phone or tablet.

Compact all-in-one remote control station, user-friendly with ease on how to plan the flight route, zoom image, control gimbal, and display drone's flying attitude parameter.

  • 120minsFlight Time
  • 1000gPayload
  • 30kmTransmission Range
  • 4GCoveredOperation Range
  1. Hydrogen Mavin
  2. Foldable
  3. 4G Support
  4. AIO Control Station
  5. Flight Controller
  6. Dual-screen Display
  7. Transmitter
  • Hydrogen Mavin

    1. Fuel cell: Made of metal bipolar plate and membrane electrode, with high electron conductivity, great heat conduction and high mechanicalproperties, it is aimed at increasing the volume power density or mass ratio power of the fuel cell.

    2. Gas Tank: This type 4 gas tank with 3.5 liter capacity is covered by carbon fibre, inside is made of aluminium alloy, which combines the robust performance with light weight character and magnifies the flying experience.

  • Foldable

    Aircraft size

    310(W)x 510(H)x 1060(L)mm

  • Fuel cell


    2. Multi data link via multiple 3G and 4G network, WIFI or other links.

    3. Low latency, less than 0.50 seconds.

    4. High speed & high compression ratio of HD video hardware.

    5. Supports On-Screen Display (OSD) customization and 3rd party live streaming-VLC.

    6. Video format: 1920*1080/720*576.

  • Integrated Control station

    1. One remote control that has it all: data & video transmission, gimbal control, UAV control and mission planning.

    2. 10-inch touch screen with ambient light sensor. Up to 4 hours of working time.

    3. PIP real-time video and mission display.

    4. Fingerprint & facial recognition.

    5. One key to return-to-home.

    6. Video, data and command control over LTE network.

    7. Android 7.1.

    8. Industrial level of rain/dust/fire proof.

  • Flight Controller

    1. Supports all aerial platforms: fixed-wing, multi-copter, helicopter, VTOL fixed-wing, unmanned car/boat.

    2. Supports PX4 and APM.

    3. STM32F427 (180MHZ) based processor, STM32F100 compatible.

    4. Multiple IMU redundancy design and available to be switched, sensor data fusion mechanism and failover mechanism are all built in to ensure reliability.

    5. IMU thermostat to ensure the best performance regardless the ambient temperature.

    6. Available for all aerial platforms within 25 kg.

  • Dual Screen
  • Transmission

    1. Transmission range: 30 km.

    2. Auto-switch dual frequency 2.4G/5.8G, 32 channels for video streaming.

    3. Supports real-time video streaming on PC, phone or tablet.

    4. VMR32 available for Android Windows and Linux.

    5. Supports AR(Augmented Reality) . With “Pocket FPV” APP, fly experience will be augmented.

    6. Supports USB and HDMI, and Extensive displayer.

    7. Latency: less than 0.50 seconds.

Pick Your Way to Fly Narwhal 2

Route Planning
One-key to
Target Guided
Optical position hold

In case there is any electrical disturbances , Narwhal 2 can loiter at a given spot and wait for commands without going out of the control range or crashing.

  • AIO Control station

    The integration of data & video transmission function, gimbal controlling, remote controller and a ground station makes this all-in-one control station unique. Fingerprint & facial recognition function, 4G video transmission function, one-key return function should any signal loss occurs, PCB/integrated module, less than 150g are other features of the control station.

    Integrated Control station
  • Gas Tank

    The hydrogen tank is made of aluminium alloy covered by carbon fibre, which is then solidified by a curing substance blended with various chemicals to maintain the tension of carbon fibre from being worn out.

    Gas Tank
  • Transmitter

    Tr2 is an independently developed video transmitter, the first of its kind to be deployed in drones or photography industry with the automatic channel switching function (2.4G/5.8G). Computers, mobile phones or tablets are all portable to Tr2, namely, real-time display, wireless video and other data transmission are all available.

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    This product is made of metal bipolar plate and membrane electrode. Metal bipolar plates have high electron conductivity, great heat conduction and high mechanical properties. It is very suitable for reducing the thickness of the stack, mass production, and is advantageous for increasing the volume power density or mass ratio power of the fuel cell.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Flight Controller

    B1-Flight controller is design with the following features: all model of aircrafts available, strong and powerful processor (main controller of STM32F427 (180MHZ) and STM32F100 co-processor), abundant expansion, built-in shock absorb system, built-in IMU temperature automatic compensation system.

    Flight Controller
  • Valve

    The valve is tailored for refueling the hydrogen-powered drone, integrated with several interfaces (low-pressure gas output, pressure sensor interface and gas tank interface), characterized with lightweight, stable working pressure, and easy to operate.

  1. Integrated Control station Integrated Control station
  2. Gas Tank Gas Tank
  3. Transmission Transmission
  4. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  5. Flight Controller Flight Controller
  6. Valve Valve
Usage of Narwhal 2
Narwhal 2 supports 20x zoom camera, FLIR Duo R dual sensor and GoPro suitable for the following mission perfectly:
  1. Inspection
    Telecom tower inspection
    Hydrogen fuel cell drone with zoom camera for telecom tower inspection program .
  2. Monitoring
    Forest monitoring
    Hydrogen powered drone is applied in forest monitoring to replace security personnel guarding.
  3. Mapping
    City mapping
    Hydrogen fueling drone being used for city mapping with the help of an oblique camera.
  4. Surveillance
    Home surveillance
    Autonomously flying hydrogen drone for home surveillance and facility monitoring.

For Your Convenience


A light hydrogen-powered quadcopter with the most competitive price ($6800)


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